Our Intention Creates Our Reality


We sparsely use social media here at Raven's Grove so you'll have the best luck contacting us the old fashioned way.  If you would like a personal order of an item you don't see listed here, would like personal: root work, herbalism, space clearing, divination or guidance from Sabrina, or you have any questions or concerns please contact us using the following:

email: sabrinacking@hotmail.com

phone: (912) 547-6832, during store hours please leave a voicemail we will get back to you 

mail: 1125 Kelly Dr Lot 94

         Hinesville, GA 31313

Winter Store Hours

Sat & Sun 9 am- 6 pm

*Inside Keller's Flea Market Savannah, GA

*We are at the main parking lot side with all the grape vines to your right near the mini Silo.  Look for our banners!


Sabrina holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University with a certificate in Servant Leadership.  She is known throughout the United States for her backwoods colloquial charm and breaking down complex business problems into humorous relatable teaching moments.  She is available for public speaking engagements, corporate events and corporate training.  For a Press Packet please contact us with the headline: PRESS PACKET.


Shipping is FREE on all domestic orders!  We ship packages once a week on Fridays from our cabin store.  Once your package has shipped you will receive an email notification.  

WHAT SABRINA IS NOT: Sabrina is not the type of medium nor psychic who works with the dead.  Sabrina works only in prophetic divination.  Sabrina does not do conjure work.  She will not speak to or petition the dead on your behalf.  She strongly advises you to not dabble in: conjuring, the use of spirit boards, the use of pendulums, or the use of scrying.

WHAT SABRINA IS:  Sabrina works in traditional folk magick and Solomonic practice.  Sabrina is an empath,  a lightworker, and a legally ordained interfaith cleric.   Sabrina can help you strengthen the bond between yourself and the Creator, the Archangels and your personal Guardian Angel. 

Sabrina also does space clearing work, she is NOT an exorcist.  She works in infestation/obsession but not possession. If you believe you have negative spiritual energy or entities in your home or place of business please contact Sabrina for home cleansing/banishment.  If you believe you need an exorcist for human possession please contact your local Catholic or Orthodox Diocese. 

Sabrina gives strongly insightful intuitive spiritual readings and uses the divination tools of a traditional playing card deck and palm reading to help you better understand the path the Creator has set out for you in your journey on Earth.  All of these services are available by appt. or on a first come basis at the Keller's cabin.  Some days Sabrina books up very quickly at the cabin for the entire day so it is best to come early to get in her cue for a time slot.

Sabrina is also a traditional herbalist with several decades of practice.  Sabrina can work with you and your medical team to herbally support your well being.  No teas, tinctures, decoctions etc are sold online or in the store.  You must work with Sabrina on a private client basis.  Be prepared to fill out a detailed health analysis to include any medical diagnoses and medical providers. As an herbalist Sabrina does not diagnose disease.



(912) 547-6832 leave a detailed voice mail or email

Sabrina offers professional candle and altar services.  Many candles are not only made by Sabrina in traditional liturgical beeswax but dressed with oils and herbal blends made by Sabrina.  A great deal of these herbs she either grows or wild harvests herself.  Contact directly for candle service or root work. 

Spiritual cleansings are always free in conjunction with readings at the cabin.  Sabrina is trained in numerous forms of cultural cleansing and is happy to accomodate you.  She is available for home blessings, private cleansings, and ceremonial cleansings for marriage, birth and funeral services outside the cabin at nominal fees.  Contact us directly to see how she can best serve you.


*Currently FULL.  Sabrina only takes on three apprentices at a time.

Sabrina does private spiritual training on a case by case basis dependent on your goals and current level of training.  These apprenticeships require both a monetary and time commitment of one year minimum from each apprentice.  Your fees will be based off your spiritual goals and growth.  Topics covered: foundations of herbalism, foundations of craft tool making (candles, talismans, jars etc), foundations of spiritual development.  Only contact Sabrina regarding apprenticeship if you can devote the time and resources to complete a full year of training, any less wastes your time and hers.  Sabrina turns away most applicants.  Thoroughly search your soul before contacting her.